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Affordable Disclosure is a cost-effective, simple-to-use service that allows you to fulfill the SEC's XBRL and Section 16 web posting mandate. We provide companies a unique investor relations page that they can use to fulfill this mandate. The page updates automatically, and will always have your latest SEC filings.

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The SEC mandates that all EDGAR filers store and display all their XBRL files on their corporate website. Furthermore, these files must posted on the same day of submission. This can be a cumbersome and error-prone experience; that's where we come in to help. The SEC also mandates that filers provide access to all their corporations Section 16 ownership document filings. The failure to maintain compliance with the SEC's web posting mandate can limit a company's ability to raise funds while also limiting important shareholder rights regarding their ability to transfer or sell their shares.


Simply fill out the information below and submit it to us. We'll create your fully compliant data stream and send you the link to it. It's a simple matter to add the table to your website via an iFrame. If you have an outside webmaster and are having difficulty getting him to do it for you promptly, or if you manage your own website and aren't sure how to do it, let us know. With your subscription, we'll gladly add it for you at no cost. We want you to gain compliance as quickly as possible. Once you receive the link and approve of it, start using it right away then let us know which subscription plan you want. We'll send you the invoice. The annual fee for this disclosure service is only $495... a fraction of what the competition charges. If you prefer, you can subscribe monthly for only $50 per month. Just let us know which way you want to proceed.

Terms of Service

  1. agrees to publish, host and maintain your IR website for you at the agreed upon price.  We will make every effort to make sure your web page mirrors your site and is satisfactory to you.  If, for any reason it's not, let us know and we'll work to please you.  If you change your website look, please let us know and we'll try to revise your IR page to match at no cost or if your website is quite complex, we'll let you know if there will be a modest charge to update the site.

  2. We will update in real time your filings as the SEC publishes them through their rss feeds. If the SEC fails to provide the data, we cannot be held responsible for the failure of the data to publish on your IR web page. We're also not responsible for any errors contained within the filings.

  3. Our website is hosted on a server owned and operated by a third party with a reputation for high reliability and uptime. If the server goes down for a short time from time to time, there is nothing we can do and we are not responsible.  If the service goes down for an extended time, we will publish our site on an alternate server to assure continuity.